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Top 7 Gadgets Your Family Will Love Under $30

Buying gadgets your family will love can be tricky business. In most cases, they’re either going to toss them in a drawer OR use them all the time - there’s just not much in between.

If you want the best chance of choosing a great gadget gift, grab one off this list of top seven gadgets under $30:

Image result for UCOOL Body Cooling Band

UCOOL Body Cooling Band, $27.95

Perfect for hot summer days, this body cooling band will chase away the heat. Lightweight and effective, you wear it around your neck to naturally cool your body’s temperature. It stays in place without getting in the way - just wet it, wear it, and go about your life.

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USB Rechargeable Lighter, $9.95

Small and discreet, you never have to worry about running out of fuel again! This lightweight flameless lighter can be recharged with any USB port. You can get 80 uses in a 1.5-hour charge, making it the ideal solution for camping, hiking, hunting, or any indoor or outdoor use. It’s also windproof, so you never have to worry about losing your light.

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GlowBowl - Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

LED Motion Activated Toilet Light, $18.99

Going to the bathroom at night is difficult without enough light, but the last thing you want is a bright, glaring light to interrupt your sleep. This motion-activated toilet light is the ideal solution for nighttime bathroom trips. It turns on only when it senses motion and offers just enough lighting to help you see your way.

This LED light comes in 16 hues and can be adjusted to fit on any toilet rim.

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2-in-1 Magical Car Ice Scraper & Funnel, $7.99

This handheld ice scraper is almost too good to be true! Its design moves in any direction and helps you clear an icy windshield in seconds, so you can take care of business and get back into your warm car quicker.

It also doubles as a convenient funnel for washer fluid or other liquids. Tuck it under your driver’s seat and you’ll always have it on hand when you need it.

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Image result for sticky gel pads in use

Sticky Gel Pads, from $9.99

The uses for these sticky gel pads are almost infinite! Most people use them in cars to hold electronics in place. But they can also be used on your walls, kitchen cabinets, or furniture to hold keys, cords, or drinks in place. Folks love using these in place of nails or hooks, keeping your walls clean and your stuff in place.

Plus, if they start to lose their stickiness, a little water is all you need to revive them!

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Image result for reusable collapsible straw

Stainless Steel Collapsible Reusable Straw, $24.50

With plastic straws being banned from more places, you never have to sacrifice drinking comfort for the environment. This stainless steel straw is portable and comes with its own carrying case, so you can have a straw wherever you go. Its collapsible design makes it easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about mold or buildup. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe!

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Image result for Flexible Leg Tripod for Smartphones\

Flexible Leg Tripod for Smartphones, from $8.78

Good-bye, embarrassing selfie stick! This flexible tripod makes it easy to take your own photos and videos hands-free. The legs adjust to any position, even around poles or tree limbs, so you can get the best shot possible every time. It works on most smartphones and is small enough to take anywhere.

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